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Standings Notice

Please note: Website tournament statistics are provided for general information only and are not considered official, they are subject to change and may differ from official results, which are kept by Tournament Directors.

Advancing out of pool play

Oregon District 4 uses the Little League-approved Pool Play format to run District tournaments (for detailed information, please refer to the PDF below). Teams will advance out of Pool Play and into the elimination bracket based on the following criteria:

  1. In all cases, the team(s) advancing past Pool Play must be the team(s) with the best record(s) during Pool Play.
  2. The first tiebreaker is the result of head-to-head match-ups during Pool Play of the teams that are involved in the tie. For more on head-to-head tie-breaking rules, see the PDF at the bottom of this page.
  3. If the results of head-to-head match-ups during Pool Play of the teams that are involved cannot break the tie, then the tie is broken using the Runs-Allowed Ratio. This is calculated by the Tournament Director: The total number of runs given up in all Pool Play games played by that team, divided by the number of half-innings played on defense in pool play by that team. This provides the number of runs given up per half-inning by that team: the Runs-Allowed Ratio. This is used to only advance ONE TEAM.
  4. Each time a tie is broken to advance one team, leaving a tie between two or more teams, the situation begins with Step 1.

Single-Elimination Bracket

All teams will be seeded at the end of Pool Play (note: these may not be the same as the standings, since tie-breakers can change that). Official seeding will be determined by the tournament director.

QUARTERFINALS - Friday, June 30

GAME 7: Seed A3 -vs- Seed B2
6:30 pm - Cook Park #2

GAME 8: Seed B3 -vs- Seed A2
6:30 pm - Cook Park #1

SEMIFINALS - Saturday, July 1

GAME 9: Seed B1 -vs- Winner Game 8
12:00 pm - Cook Park #2

GAME 10: Seed A1 -vs- Winner Game 7
12:00 pm - Cook Park #1

CHAMPIONSHIP - Sunday, July 2

Winner Game 9 -vs- Winner Game 10
12:00 pm - Cook Park #1