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Congratulations Murrayhill!

Murrayhill wins the 2018 9-11 All-Stars Tournament!

Tournament Setup

The 9/11 All-Star Tournament features 6 total teams split into 2 separate pools. The top 2 seeds from each pool will advance into a 4-team single-elimination bracket.

The #3 seeds from each Pool will meet in a consolation game at 6 p.m. on JULY 3rd at COOK PARK #2

NOTE: An earlier version of the bracket showed the wrong times. Please note all bracket WEEK DAY games will begin at 6 pm.

The Standings below are NOT official. Once pool play games are concluded, the tournament director will manually seed the brackets based on tournament rules.

All-Star Bracket

The Top 2 Seeds from each bracket will face off in a single-elimination bracket.

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